Never Accept a Plea Deal Before Consulting Criminal Defense Attorneys in Moorhead MN

It’s no secret that if every criminal case went to trial, the legal system would collapse. There aren’t enough judges or courtrooms to handle the number of cases. Defendants would wait a long time for their day in court. Public defenders are already juggling many more cases than they can handle effectively. The current legal system only functions because prosecutors offered defendants plea bargains to close cases. Criminal Defense Attorneys in Moorhead MN frequently talk with clients who are wondering if they should accept the deal.

Prosecutors and Plea Bargains

A prosecutor in a large city like New York may have literally hundreds of open felony cases at the same time. Multiple cases might be scheduled for trial on the same day. No lawyer could effectively or even competently handle that many cases at the same time. Plea bargains are necessary.

Defendants are Harmed When Prosecutors Have Heavy Caseloads

Prosecutors are sworn to seek justice, not to win cases at any cost, but proprietorial misconduct does certainly exist. However, a report from the College of William & Mary Law School found that most prosecutor misconduct was actually accidental. Overwork and inadequate supervision of less experienced prosecutors resulted in errors. On occasion, these errors would benefit defendants, but most of the time, defendants paid the price.

If defendants are unable to post bail, then they must remain incarcerated for long periods under terrible conditions while they wait for their long-delayed trial. Defendants are understandably tempted to accept a deal even when they aren’t guilty of the charges against them. Defendants who have a public defender and can’t afford bail are in a really bad position.

Always Talk to an Experienced Private Attorney Before Accepting a Plea Deal

A lawyer you hire is on your side. Making a deal may actually be the right decision, but that does not mean that the deal that has been offered should be accepted. A DWI charge with significant penalties could possibly be changed to a less serious DWI charge. If there is no admissible evidence to support any charges, your attorney will fight to have the charges dismissed.

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