Covering the Cost of a Crime with a 24 Hour Bail Bondsman in Silver Spring, MD

Arrests don’t usually happen at convenient times. They generally don’t come without a price, either. Fortunately, a 24 Hour Bail Bondsman in Silver Spring MD can help cover the issue from both angles. Just how much you might be paying to leave the confines of the booking facility varies a great deal, just like the amount of time you’ll be left in waiting. Certain factors contribute to the final outcome be they positive or negative influences on the situation.

Type of Crime

Misdemeanors typically come with lower bail amounts whereas felonies generate more expensive terms and conditions. Petty theft may come at a cost of a few thousand dollars, but aggravated assault might be quite a bit higher. Seriousness of the crime at hand could make a difference of hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


In many cases, the court will take financial circumstances into consideration when determining bail. High-income defendants with a number of valuable assets must often post significantly higher bail amounts than those with very little to their names. This isn’t the only factor taken into account and it doesn’t always play a role in the final decision, but it could have an impact.

Community Ties

Several different elements could play into this aspect. Having a family to take care of could be considered a strong connection to the community. Owning a local business or contributing to the community in a significant way would fall into this category as well. Where the court is concerned, these factors make a defendant less likely to leave town or fail to show up for future appearances.

Criminal Background

First offenses aren’t usually as costly as repeat infractions. Those who have a reputation for failing to appear in court can also expect to pay more than those who’ve adhered to prior bail conditions. Progressively more serious crimes drive up the cost of being released as well. In some instances, even a 24 hour bail bondsman in Silver Spring MD won’t be able to help overcome criminal history.

These and certain other aspects factor into the equation when determining just how much bail a person will need to pay in order to return to his or her normal daily life. Bail may even be denied altogether once all things are considered. Visit us to learn more.

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