A Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus IN Represents Clients Charged With Larceny, Burglary and Robbery

Hearing different terminology for crimes that sound similar is confusing for many people. For instance, a person might find out that an acquaintance has hired a Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus IN after being charged with larceny. That word isn’t used as commonly as the terms robbery and burglary are. All are types of theft, but they have some differences.


Robbery involves the threat or use of force in the act of stealing. A mugging is a robbery even if the thief doesn’t have a weapon. The implication of violence is intended to scare the victim into handing over cash and other valuables. A convenience store is robbed when the thief approaches a worker and demands cash from the till.


What about burglary? The definition varies to a certain extent among jurisdictions. In general, burglary involves the unlawful entry into a building or vehicle, typically with the intent to steal something. That can include breaking into a vehicle or a home, or entering a home through an unlocked door when nobody is there. A person could be charged with burglary even if nothing was stolen. These defendants benefit from hiring a lawyer with an organization such as Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath LLP. Browse the website to learn about this organization.


In the convenience store scenario, if the thief grabs some merchandise and runs off with it, never confronting anyone at the store, that is considered larceny. Shoplifting is a form of larceny. Depending on the monetary value of the items, the person may need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus IN since the severity of the charges is higher with greater dollar amounts. A repeat offender also should have professional legal representation.

Unlike burglary, larceny does not have to take place within a building or vehicle. A person could steal a backpack from a park bench, for example, knowing that it contains valuables that could be sold at a pawn shop. Larceny normally takes place when the person is welcome on the property. A guest in the home might sneak around in private rooms, lifting valuable jewelry to sell later. Visit the website for more information.

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