When to Hire a Child Custody Attorney in South Bay, CA

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Child Custody

While it is possible for parents going through divorces to represent themselves in child custody cases, there are times when this option is just not going to cut it. Parents who want what’s best for their kids but aren’t sure that they have the legal know-how to defend themselves should always consider hiring a Child Custody Attorney in South Bay CA. Those who find themselves in the circumstances described below shouldn’t head into negotiations or hearings without one.

The Other Parent Already Has One

If one parent has an attorney, finding some legal help will level the playing field. The last thing that any parent wants is to feel like they didn’t wind up getting the custody results they deserved because they didn’t argue their cases well enough. Hiring an attorney will avoid this potential remorse.

Unexpected Complications

What seems originally like a fairly simple case can wind up becoming quite complicated. If, for example, a client’s ex has changed his or her mind about sharing custody, it’s always worth hiring an attorney. Even if a parent has only the suspicion that his or her ex will try to make an argument regarding his or her fitness to maintain full or partial custody, it’s not worth leaving it up to chance.

Inter-Jurisdictional Cases

When each member of a divorcing couple lives in a different jurisdiction, things can get even more complicated. It may be possible for a parent to learn enough about the child custody laws in his or her own state to feel confident with self-representation. However, the added complication of working out custody across two different jurisdictions almost always merits hiring a Child Custody Attorney in South Bay CA.

Risks to Children’s Safety

Any parent who believes that his or her children will be at risk if custody is given to the other partner should hire an attorney as soon as possible. It may be necessary to consider getting a restraining order. If the danger is immediate, don’t hesitate to call 911 to report any incidents or concerns.

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