What You Should Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in San Antonio

Each day, many hard-working people go to their jobs expecting a full day of work. What they don’t typically think about is being the victim of a slip and fall injury. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for about one million adults who suffer from slip and fall injuries annually. If this injury happens to you, it’s good to know the next steps to get a slip and fall attorney in San Antonio.

Get Medical Treatment

The most important thing after a slip and fall accident is your safety. Regardless of the perceived severity of your injuries, always seek attention from a medical professional. Besides treating your wounds, a medical facility will also document the extent of your injuries.

Make a Report with Your Employer

You don’t have to file this report immediately after an accident, especially if it’s severe. However, it’s good to complete injury reports sooner than later. This report can be a crucial piece of evidence if you file a workers’ compensation claim.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

You’d like to hope that your employer treats you fairly after you get injured at work. In case it doesn’t, having legal representation from a slip-and-fall attorney in San Antonio can prove incredibly beneficial. Hiring an attorney lets someone with legal knowledge represent your side of things. This professional can also represent you in sometimes tense conversations between your company and its insurance provider.

A slip-and-fall attorney in San Antonio can help protect your employee rights. Contact Law Office of Jesse Hernandez, if you are looking for a slip and fall attorney in San Antonio. Visit JesseHernandezLaw.com for more information.

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